Peptide Pioneer

CBL continues to be a leader in peptide technology just as in its founding in 1990 when Prof. Kleomenis Barlos discovered and developed the trityl resins. The trityl resins, including 2-chlorotrityl chloride, have become one of the most widely used in peptide synthesis.

Expanding the Reach of Chemical Synthesis of Complex Peptides

Today, CBL has been recognized for its involvement in the synthesis and supply of key materials for several complex peptides including GLP-1’s and Relaxins. CBL also played a key role  in contributing  to the developing and manufacturing of  Roche’s HIV-treatment, enfuvirtide.

Research in the area of Relaxins and insulin-like peptides has been hindered by the high cost and limited availability of recombinant material. CBL has recently discovered significant breakthrough in the synthesis of Relaxins. The new method has now been applied to several other insulin-like peptides. CBL’s synthetic technology is expanding opportunities in peptides that were thought to never be available synthetically at the large-scale.

Peptide Partnering at its Best

CBL’s scientific expertise is recognized for delivering innovative solutions for the synthesis of some of the most complex peptides and proteins. Partners who are looking for more than just a manufacturing choose CBL, recognized for innovative peptide technology.

For more on CBL’s technical achievements, please visit our technical resource page.