CBL is specialized in the production of pharmaceutical peptides. When it comes to outsourcing peptide manufacturing, CBL will partner with your company to provide economical and time efficient services.

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First Class Facilities

CBL operates out of four laboratory and manufacturing buildings, spanning over 10,000 square meters. Development of highly automated, efficient facilities enables CBL to operate from the gram to ton scale, both for solid and solution phase syntheses. CBL’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities have been designed from the ground up for peptide synthesis, setting new standards for GMP synthesis at both the small and large scale.

Raising the Quality Standards

More than 30% of CBL’s workforce is directly involved in quality through Quality Control and Business & Process Documentation teams. As a result, regulatory compliance and targeted customer specifications are achieved for every project that CBL embarks upon.

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Significant Cost-Savings

CBL is the cost-effective choice for GMP peptide production. CBL maintains costs by several factors

  • Vertical Integration– CBL is one of the world’s largest suppliers of peptide starting materials.
  • Efficiency – Solvent can be one of the largest cost factors in a process and as a result, CBL has installed highly-efficient solvent recovery systems.
  • Automation – CBL has invested and equipped facilities with the highest degree of automation. This not only reduces cost but more importantly insures the quality and consistency in the production of your product.

For more information about CBL’s contract GMP peptide synthesis, please inquire here.

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